• WEEKEND ON THE GROUND, Bologna, 29/31 Ottobre 2021

    On: 21 Ottobre 2021
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    Bologna, Menomale, 29/31 Ottobre 2021

    Un nuovo weekend di Nomadica, al Menomale di Bologna, dedicato alla ricerca cinematografica.
    Un omaggio ad Amos Vogel, un approfondimento su Gianfranco Brebbia.
    E poi film e materiali preziosi e più o meno segreti, programmi/monologhi che creeranno un coro diafonico e disturbante.
    Venerdì 29 e sabato 30, dalle 17.00 alla notte; domenica al mattino (come a messa).

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  • Weekend on the ground

    On: 22 Settembre 2021
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    After years and years and years, we crash down onto the land. Could it be an island? Which strange territory are we on? We have absolutely no idea how we ended up here. One day – who remembers when – we climbed into the aerial vehicle that we now find ourselves in, without luggage or clothes, totally naked. Come to think of it, none of us remembers how it used to be. The most exact and acute sensation, for whoever is living at this moment, is that of not knowing where we are treading day after day. The ground is crumbling; lines are splitting, tissues are fraying, perspectives are fluctuating. Maybe we went extinct, and now we’re coming back?
    Wait!!! We are starting to distinguish shapes. We can see…in the distance…something similar to a red space…strange objects, faces, bodies, flowing liquids, moving images, a glow!

    Dopo anni e anni e anni, stiamo precipitando su una terra. Forse è un’isola? In quale strano territorio stiamo atterrando? Non abbiamo assolutamente idea di come siamo finiti qui. Un giorno – chissà quando è accaduto – salimmo su questa sorta di veicolo aereo in cui ci troviamo, senza valigie e vestiti. Totalmente nudi. Andando indietro col pensiero nessuno di noi riesce a ricordare cosa c’era prima. La sensazione più precisa e più acuta, per chi vive in questo momento, è di non sapere dove ogni giorno sta mettendo i piedi. Il terreno è friabile, le linee si sdoppiano, i tessuti si sfilacciano, le prospettive oscillano. Forse ci siamo estinti e ora stiamo ritornando?
    Aspetta!! Cominciamo a distinguere delle forme. Possiamo vedere… in lontananza… qualcosa di simile a uno spazio rosso… ci sono strani oggetti, facce, corpi, liquidi che scorrono, immagini in movimento, che brillano!

    Bologna, 29/31 Ottobre 2021

    Un nuovo weekend di Nomadica, al Menomale di Bologna, in via de’ Pepoli 1/A.
    Un omaggio ad Amos Vogel, un approfondimento su Gianfranco Brebbia.
    E poi film e materiali più o meno segreti, programmi/monologhi che creeranno un coro diafonico e disturbante.
    Venerdì 29 e sabato 30, dalle 17.00 alla notte; domenica al mattino. Saranno presenti filmmakers e curatori.
    Ingresso gratuito fino a esaurimento posti, con offerta libera e Green Pass.
    In collaborazione con Ass. Menomale APS e Comune di Bologna

    Venerdì 29 Ottobre

    h17.00 –
    Sabbia negli ingranaggi (I). Dedicato ad Amos Vogel.
    Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16 (Paul Cronin, 2003, 55′)

    L’arte di cadere (su una terra sconosciuta)
    a cura di Giuseppe Spina e Giulia Mazzone
    Mille Cipressi (Luca Ferri 2021, 13′)
    L’Estasi di Oleg (Francesco Selvi 2019, 20′)
    Pistacchi (Luca Sorgato 2019, 14′)
    The Garden (Pietro Librizzi 2020, 10′)
    (questo programma sarà presentato all’Istanbul Experimental Film Festival – 12/21.11.21).

    Aperitivo e amenità

    Le parole della notte
    a cura di Stefano Miraglia
    The road is dark and it’s a thin thin line (Carlo Galbiati 2021, 15’)
    O arrais do mar (Elisa Celda 2020, 18’)
    Vers le soleil (Nour Ouayda 2019, 18’)
    Je me souviens de Sunderland (Félix Fattal 2017, 12’)
    69 (Ignazio Fabio Mazzola 2021, 1’)

    La Machine infernale MMXXI
    live di Alessio Galbiati (ilcanediPavlov).
    Montaggio dal vivo per suoni e immagini di materiali ritrovati.


    Sabato 30 Ottobre

    Sabbia negli ingranaggi (II). Dedicato ad Amos Vogel.
    a cura di Tommaso Isabella

    A volte vorrei essere un sasso
    a cura del collettivo ৺ ෴ ර ∇ ❃ ﹌﹌
    Le Sibille (Lina Mangiacapre – le nemesiache, 1981, 25’)
    Agatha (Beatrice Gibson, 2012, 30’)
    Ida Western Exile (Courtney Stephens, 2020, 8’)

    Aperitivo e amenità

    h 21.00
    Idea assurda per un programma. Gianfranco Brebbia.
    a cura di Rinaldo Censi
    Ho fatto un film 1° (1970, 15′)
    Idea assurda per un filmaker. Ester. (1969, 12′)
    Extremity 2 (1968, 19′)
    Bet (1973, 5′)
    Bazar (1973, 4′)
    (In collaborazione con l’Archivio Gianfranco Brebbia)

    h 22.30
    Midnight Movie
    a cura di Riccardo Re


    Domenica 31 Ottobre

    h 10.30
    Incontro e proiezioni ad libitum.
    Sabbia negli ingranaggi (III). Dedicato ad Amos Vogel.



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  • CROSSROADS 2020, San Francisco Cinematheque

    On: 13 Settembre 2020
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    Luminous Variations in the City Skies” in the CROSSROADS 2020  – San Francisco Cinematheque, a festival of artist-made film & video.

    Program online August 25 – September 30
    Livestream premiere, August 24 at 7.00 pm PDT (in Italy at 4.00 am).

    program 4 • all those things you used to feel

    Program opens with a series of quietly lyrical and observational works: reveries of landscape, the celestial heavens and the body; mediumistic studies of corporeal time and of eternity. These slowly give way explorations of the electronic ether and the mediation of subjectivity.  Not without humor, these oblique conundra present uncanny intermediated non-places in which intimacy becomes increasingly alien and where buildings and other mysterious objects assert themselves.

    SCREENING: Westinghouse One (2019) by Kevin Jerome Everson (livestream only); mockingbird (2020) by Kevin Jerome Everson (livestream only); Die Nacht (2017-2019) by Wenhua Shi; liminal poem (2019) by Susan DeLeo; Luminous Variations in the City Skies (2019) by Giuseppe Spina; Sympathetic Bodies (2018) by Margaret Rorison; Traces (2020) by Carleen Maur; where i don’t meet you (2019) by Charlotte Clermont; Plants Are Like People (2018) by Charlotte Clermont; Story of the Dreaming Water, Chapter One (2018) by Brittany Gravely; The Tower (2019) by Silvestar Kolbas; Interbeing (2018) by Martina Hoogland Ivanow; My Favorite Object (2019) by Meredith Moore

    CROSSROADS 2020 / San Francisco Cinematheque
    85 works of film and video by 71 artists representing 22 countries and territories presented in 9 curated programs.

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  • Nomadica in Senses of Cinema’s World Poll 2019

    On: 20 Gennaio 2020
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    In Senses of Cinema’s World Poll 2019, Stefano Miraglia (Movimcat / The Moving Image Catalog) includes two programs of Nomadica’s Weekend On the Moon:
    Field Studies: Rose Lowder and Scott Hammen“, curated by Francisco Algarín Navarro and “Nervous twitching” (Martin Arnold’s Gross Anatomies coupled with Paul Sharits’ Epileptic Seizure Comparison), curated by Rinaldo Censi.

    World Poll 2019 — Part 5

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  • from Nomadica to Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival 2019

    On: 8 Novembre 2019
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    15 November 2019
    Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival 2019
    12:00 P.M. | Salt Beyoğlu | Panorama: ITALY | Nomadica

    from Earth to Sky (film program curated by nomadica.eu)

    The more one moves away from Earth, the more one goes backwards, in time and space. Cinema is that movement, which is also a moment outside of memory, that recreates new visions while looking at the past (like a continuous present). Cinema, as if it was always the first time. With a program such as this one, we’d be tempted to cut the opening and closing credits of each film, and transform them into one unified masterpiece, but we’ll leave this possibility to your imagination.

    Andrò a ritroso della nostra corsa (I will go backwards of our path)
    by Mattia Biondi, Ita, Super8 (found footage), 3min, 2019
    “Andrò a ritroso della nostra corsa” is a backwards journey through the seasons and the units of the language. To change the prose of the world, its intact clock. There is always a place more thoroughly, lost images in minimun intervals.

    by Luca Ferri, Ita, Super8, 25min, 2016 (sub eng)
    In a desert and hostile paradise, between mountains of sand and solitary camels in perpetual journey, life is renewed with a promise of love in the shade of a lone tree. Adam and Eve have a chance. The last chance to heal and create a new progeny of more decent human beings. Nine long takes in super 8mm colour in which we took Adam and Eve and had them redo everything over again, from the scratch.

    Black Songs
    by Tiziano Doria e Samira Guadagnolo, Ita, Super8 -> 16mm, 5min, 2019 (silent / sub eng)
    A poetic recollection of a personal and collective memory, the work dissects, decomposes, fragments, distills and then re-creates anew – in a time that beats in repeated rythm, slow and circular – the dream of an ancestral childhood, of nomadic shepherds and tangled bushes of war and raids, and in this magnified gaze, the film wonders about the meaning and the nature of it’s own observations.
    Canti Neri (Black Songs) comes from the analysis of a private and family archive, of our property, of which we have selected some frames transposing them from S8mm to 16mm.
    The original films have been combined in a new way, focusing on details that had escaped from the eye of the operator, on the periphery of the image, extrapolating details, dissolving the flow of action and reiterating it in a dilated time.

    Merci mais non merci
    by Alessandra Beltrame, Ita, super8, 13’, 2018 (sub eng)
    Nico, reflects on existence, identity and responsibilies

    by Stefano Miraglia, Fr, HD 4:3, 3min, 2017 (silent)
    An exploration of the Rodez Cathedral. A study on colour, repetition and flickering, composed of 292 photographs. “A stunning piece of ecclesial psychedelia!” (Sarah Bliss)

    Vaghe Stelle – MIZAR
    by Mauro Santini, Ita, 4K to HD, 11min, 2017
    “Vaghe stelle” is a seven-chaptered film, conceived as a musical album and composed of seven movements, which can be watched singly (like songs), or in the established order (like a record) or also mixing the films creating new combinations or possible narrations. The ‘songs’ are seven as the principal stars of the Ursa Major. It will be a nocturnal wandering with the starry sky as a reference: an earthly pilgrimage looking for epiphanies or the drift of a hypothetical interstellar trip.

    Luminous variations in the city skies
    by Giuseppe Spina, Ita, HD (from photographic plates), 6min, 2019 (silent)
    Between 1932 and 1957, at the Specola Tower in Bologna, a new optical technology was invented, one that would revolutionize outer space observatory methods. Thirty years of research were necessary for the astronomer Guido Horn D’Arturo to invent the specchio a tasselli – also called multimirror or segmented mirror – an archetype of today’s most advanced telescopes. This silent film, made by Giuseppe Spina, is composed of digital scans and blow-ups of Horn D’Arturo’s plates.

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