Giuseppe Spina e Giulia Mazzone

Giuseppe and Giulia have been living and working together. Their collaboration concerns all aspects of the realization of their films, from writing to filming to post-production. They are the founders of Nomadica – a collective “thing” that interweaves cinema, science, art, thoughts, and screenings of any kind, place, and time.
Nomadica is an ongoing permanent autonomous laboratory that approaches the moving image as a transversal medium with the potential to cross borders and open itself up to new explorations. Art (technē) is not a succession of standardized historiographies and narratives but a syncretic multitude of aesthetic and intellectual experiences.
Nomadica promotes the diffusion and rethinking of experimental cinema through different methods — screenings, seminars, workshops, and online events.



Impressio#3 Brescia – 2024, 20′, super8

Impressio#2 Siracusa – 2023, 18′, super8 / HD

Dove vanno i vecchi dèi che il mondo ignora (Where do the old ignored gods go?) – 2022, 67′

Macchina Infinita – 2021, 11′, HD/Super8

Luminous variations in the city skies – 2019, 6′, silent, photographic plates animation

Màcula – 2018, 19′, 35mm handmade and animation on paper

Impressio in-urbe #1 Bologna – 2017, 17′, Super8 / HD

Romnì (Wife) – filmed in 2000 / edited in 2017, 20′, Hi8mm

Città-Stato (’92-’94) – realized in different versions between 2008 and 2015, found footage S-VHS

Jazz for a Massacre – 2014, 15′, 35mm

Zauma – 2014, 16′, Super8/VHS/HD

El tiempo del no tiempo – 2013, 44′, Digital Video

Ouaga – Hommage a l’homme du 4 aout
2009, 14’

Même père même mère
2008, 80′, DV / 16mm

Impulso-Video #1-#n -> un testo sul metodo

2024/05 Sirene wAVe Movie, Ciclofficina Unza!, Milano
2024/05 Bellaria Film Festival, Bellaria, Italy
2023/12 Laceno d’Oro, Avellino, Italy
2023/11 Laterale Film Festival on tour, Trieste, Italy
2023/11 Torino Film Festival – Official selection, Italy
2023/09 RAAA – Performing Arts Festival, Brescia, Italy
2023/09 Lecce Film Fest (LFF), Lecce, Italy
2023/08 V Fronteira, International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Brasil
2023/06 INDEPENDENT FILM SHOW 23nd Edition, Fondazione Morra, Napoli, Italy
2023/05 Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
2023/04 Memorie del Fuoco – Catania Film Fest + ZO Centro Culture Contemporanee, Catania, Italy
2023/03 Millennium Film Workshop, Brooklyn, New York, USA
2022/11 Torino Film Festival – Official selection, Italy
2022/07 Analogica – Selection 10 // PR2, online
2021/11 Antidoto, Teatro India, Roma, Italy
2021/06 ENEAGRAMA – Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental, 4th ed., Córdoba, Argentina
2021/05 15° Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada
2021/04 18° ICDOCS Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival, USA
2021/04 56th Int. Festival of Science Documentary Films – AFO Academia Film Olomouc, Czech Republic
2020/12 Analogica Selection 10, Italy
2020/08 CROSSROADS 2020, San Francisco Cinematheque, USA
2020/03 CABIN FEVER, covid-19 playlist of online experimental films & videos, USA /online
2020/02 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin [Video Library], France
2020/02 RPM Festival, USA
2020/01 Slovenska kinoteka, Slovenia
2019/11 Cámara Lúcida – Encuentros Cinematográficos, Ecuador
2019/11 Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Turkey
2019/09 Unseen Festival, USA
2019/06 Pesaro Film Festival, Italy
2019/06 Laterale Film Festival, Italy
2019/05 Designed Reminiscence Vol.2, Synesthesia Gallery, NY – USA
2019/04 Lucca Film Festival / Europa Cinema, Italy
2019/02 L’Œil d’Oodaaq – Oodaaq and Saint-Malo, France
2019/02 Movimcat – The Moving Image Catalog  (online)
2018/12 Piccolo Festival d’Animazione, Trieste – Italy
2018/12 Interfilm – Berlin, Germany
2018/11 Short Waves Festival: Best of Urban View, Kino Pałacowe, Poznań, Poland
2018/10 Festival de cine extremo de Veracruz (Mexico)
2018/10 Festival Internacional de Cine de Ponferrada (Films and Architecture), Spain
2018/08 Disorder Festival, Eboli – Italy
2018/05 Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá | CineAutopsia – Colombia
2018/05 Festival Oodaaq – Images Nomades & Poétique (Rennes + Saint Malo) – France
2018/03 Short Waves Festival, Poznań – Poland
2018/02 Festival Regards sur le cinéma du monde, Paris/Rouen – France
2017/12 Fincortex – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Experimentales, Tunja – Colombia
2017/12 Lecce Film Fest – Festival del cinema invisibile, Italy
2017/12 Festival CinemaZERO, Trento – Italy
2017/11 Meta-Cinema, Bologna – Italy
2017/11 INVIDEOInternational Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond, Milano – Italy
2017/11 Archivio Aperto – Home Movies, Bologna – Italy
2017/10 Animatou – Festival international du film d’animation, Genève, Switzerland
2016/05 15° Festival Internacional de la Imagen di Manizales, Manizales, Colombia
2016/05 Cineteca Distrettuale de Bogotà, Colombia
2016 MONSTRA – Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Lisbon
2016 Cinéma/Cinéma – Exposition d’art, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Bruxelles
2016/01 Regard sur le cinéma du monde, Paris, France
2015/12 12th Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2015/11 Animated DreamsBlack Nights Film Festival, Tallin (Estonia)
2015/11 CutOut Fest, Mexico
2015/10 ReAnimania, Yerevan (Armenia)
2015/10 17th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Wiesbaden (Germany)
2015/09 Bogotá Experimental Film Festival / CineAutopsia, Bogotà (Colombia)
2015/05 Animasivo, Ciudad de México (México)
2015/06 Annecy, Official selection, Annecy (France)
2015/05 Torino Jazz Festival, Torino (Italy)
2015/03 Lucca Film Festival, Lucca (Italy)
2014/10 INVIDEOInternational Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond, Milano
2014/10 Corti and Cigarettes Festival, Roma, Italy
2014/08 FUSO – Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa, Museu do Chiado, Portugal
2014/08 Nomadica – Mostra per il cinema di ricerca, Capo d’Orlando, Italy
2014/06 Mostra del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro, Pesaro, Italy
2014/05 Rencontres Bandits-Mages, Bourges, France
2014/03 Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna, Italy
2014/01 SalaNomadica | SpazioMenomale, Bologna, Italy
2013/12 Avvistamenti, Bisceglie, Italy
2013/10 Festival di Cinema Latino Americano di Trieste, Italy
2013/01 Cineteca Nazionale (Roma), Italy
2012/10 I milleocchi – Trieste, Italy
2011/05 Lucca Film Festival, Italy
2010/01 IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam – Holland
2009 EMAF – European Media Art Festival — Osnabrueck
2009 Video_Dumbo, D.U.M.B.O. ARTS CENTER, Brooklyn, New York (2009)
2009 INVIDEO – International Exhibition of Video Art and Cinema Beyond, Milano
2008 flEXiff , Sidney
2008 Levantefilm Festival, Bari, Italy
2008 Valsusa Film Festival (Torino), Italy
2008 Festival Cinema africano, Asia, America latina (Milano), Italy
2008 Tekfestival (Roma), Italy
2008 I Milleocchi (Trieste), Italy
2008 Semaine Asymétrique / Polygone etoile – Marsiglia, France
2007/01 IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam – Holland

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