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A weekend-long, non-stop marathon on the occasion of the “Day of the Dead”; meetings and clashes, screenings and receptions, sounds and visions: dozens of international films’ and Italian premieres, a distillation of the most interesting contemporary experimentations.
Also: seminars, focuses, Space itineraries – in various shapes and formats, from night to day and from day to night. Spazio Menomale, dug towards the centre of the earth, turns into an art gallery and a perpetual theater where you can sink, a perception room in which there is no time to find, filled with routes and crossroads that become – as always in Nomadica’s experience – the artwork itself, unique, displaced and displacing, irregular and not (always) screened-off. Underground chaos where “the everlasting shape of life” resides.


(soon the detailed programme)




30/31 October
Preview. That the life can shine (screening and meeting)


a film by Fabio Badolato and Jonny Costantino
with Antonio Moresco and Giovanni Battista Ricciardi
based on the homonym novel by Antonio Moresco
(First public screening of the film, in presence of the authors)

Two moments dedicated to La Lucina, masterful translation into film of Antonio Moresco’s masterworks, and therefore a book/movie without borders.
On October 30th the film will be presented and screened. On October 31st, in the afternoon and evening, there will be a long meeting with the authors (Fabio Badolato, Jonny Costantino and Antonio Moresco)  to discuss about the deflagration of borders between cinema, literature and life.







from 1 to 4 November– Spazio Menomale, Bologna
“Weekend with the Dead” • an international selection of very different films
[screening room 1 h4.00 pm / 02.00 am • screening room 2 h10.30 am /02.00 am • central hall h24]



Section 1 [general programme – room 1]
The principle of this selection is not the showing of coherence between the works, much less the personal taste, it is about the heterogeneity of vision, in order to give back a faithful overview of the current – diversified – trend of contemporary experimentalism. Because the selection of film-makers that will be presented took us to the most disparate countries, through diametrically opposite dimensions of storytelling, we expect an unprecedented experience generated from the clash of their films, made of unexpected echoes and vivid collisions. During the days of this exhibition, we ultimately hope to give our contribution to to the break with the anachronism of meek visions, so that abnormality can become the rule and the viewer’s gaze can free itself from the chains that prevent it from exploding. (curated by Giulia Mazzone, Riccardo Re, Giuseppe Spina)
fotogramma da Delphi Falls, di Mary Helena Clark

With films by :
Albert Alcoz, Prantik Basu, Christopher Becks,
Dan Browne, Pietro Bulgarelli, Jaione Camborda,
Mary Helena Clark, Mierien Coppens, Samuel Delgado,
Nazlı Dinçel, James Edmonds, Luca Ferri, Helena Giron,
Emmanuel Lefrant, Pietro Librizzi, Azucena Losana,
Francis Magnenot,Takashi Makino, Stefano Miraglia,
Pablo Polanco, Monica Saviron, Giuseppe Spina,
Katia Viscogliosi, John Woodman
(all the films in this section will be screened twice in different days and times)





Section 2 [multifocus, room 1]
• Focus curated by Rinaldo Censi – Atomic Light (Shadow Optics)with films by Allan Dwan and Tony Conrad
• Focus curated by Alessio Galbiati – The infernal Machinewith films by: Mark LaGanga, Jon Rafman and George Melies
• Focus curated by Tommaso Isabella – Liquid Crystalswith films by: Jan Cornelius Mol, Louis Henderson, Tinne Zenner, Jacques Perconte
• Focus curated by Stefano Miraglia – NOMADICA ODEPORICA PLASTICAwith films by: Pauline Rigal, Julio Fermepin, Pierre Voland, Elsa Brès, Mauricio Freyre, Leandro Varela, Tinne Zenner

Section 3 [Space Itineraries#1, room 1]
Space Itineraries #1 curated by Riccardo Re, promoted by Ass. Menomale
With films by: Robert Breer, Cecile Fontaine, Larry Jordan, Len Lye, Fern Silva, Deborah Stratman – screenings on 16mm
+ Vaghe Stelle (Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth), by Mauro Santini














Section 4 [Atelier – room 2]
1 november, h10.00 am / h1.00 pm
seminary with Flavio Fusi Pecci, academic, expert in stars evolution, galaxies and cosmology. He was director of Bologna Astronomical Observatory
(promoted by Ass. Menomale in collaboration with SOFOS)
2 November, h10.00am / h 1.00 pm
seminary “Stories of vision. Art as school of senses (and sense)” with Francesco Cattaneo, researcher and professor of Aesthetics, Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies, University of Bologna
What it means “to see”? And what role does the artistic vision play, in our being in the world? The seminary doesn’t aim to general definitions, but rather to develop encounters (and recounts), using specific philosophical, cinematographic, pictorial and literary experiences as catalysts for meditation. I’ll try, by this way, to bring out how our senses (in the double meaning that refers to sensitivity and significance), far from being reduced to something “natural”, require an uninterrupted exercise, especially in the terms of the “dissolution” referred to by Rimbaud.
3 November, h 10.00am / 11.30am
Breakfast with MOVIMCAT: Stefano Miraglia presents his curatorial project The Moving Image Catalog + collective rambling about the online dissemination of artists’ moving image

Section 5 [AudioWebTeleVisionArchive – room 2]
Different programs of audio/video materials, web, television
by Federico Epifanio, Giuseppe Spina, Tommaso Isabella, Elisa Cuter, Francesco Selvi, Alessio Galbiati



Section 6 [Wunderground – central hall]
The venue will host objects and works of any kind that anyone can bring and exhibit. A recollection of “ofrendas” will be in an home altar in honour of the dead.

Space Itineraries #2 (in girum…): Break away from the earth (promoted by Ass. Menomale)
An “urban – star” map will be donated to participants, to guide them through the discovery of “celestial things” through the streets and buildings of the city.



Associazione Menomale
Libreria Modo Infoshop
Rifrazioni. Dal cinema all’oltre
Rapporto Confidenziale
La Camera Ardente
The Moving Image Catalog

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