Between Trancendence and Immanence (Sun. Nov 3 h16.30)

curated by Yavuz Gözeller (Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival)

Naz Önen, Turkey | 2016 | VHS | Color | Sound | 11’30’’

I wanted “Untold” to become a mirror that I see and reflect myself as an image but face my mother as she narrates the missing pieces in our relationship throughout her relationship with my grandmother. When the narration goes deeper, more parts of my soul were getting unlocked as the astrologer goes through my mother’s past memories during and before my existence. Motherhood thus becomes the two sided theme of this work as my mother enlightens my skeptical view about her while she is realizing her inner problems with my grandmother. This film is going beyond three generations but it aims offering a deeper understanding of motherhood through familial connections.

Lara Kamhi, Turkey | 2018 | HD | Color | Sound | 16’37’’

Transparency of Being is an observation on the immersive nature of everyday life, technological communication and transportation platforms, and the search for spirituality. Taking place in Japan, this experimental documentary explores contradictions and relations between distance and connection, reality and representation, space and crowd, time and timelessness – and asks; If we are moving away from our existence, is this not also a transition towards metaphysical thinking?!

Sinan Güldal, Turkey | 2015 | HD | b/w | 32’

How can a DSLR camera move in the ruins of a 19th century mansion that is battered to be covered with glass and steel in the days to come, for that’s a more appropriate image as a shopping mall. How to get up and to do what in the ruins; the scenery of late ones to come? Here, this occurs: there are holes in some walls releasing specters to haunt which that makes impossible to reach. What is an Istanbul, where is Aleppo.

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