Dark with excessive bright (Fri. Nov 1 – h22.30)

curated by Tommaso Isabella

A nocturnal procession of objects blazing in the dark: lightnings flickering in electric skies, lunar pools oozing with light recur as motifs in these works where the sublime is decomposed by way of its technical reproduction. From swarming signals and flakes of movement figures are conjured, hypnotised, weaved by the rough scan of the Hi-8 camera used by Siegfried Fruhauf and Adrián Canoura or shaped by the manipulation of film footage in the works of Lena Ditte Nissen and Sylvia Schedelbauer. Pulsating between stasis and motion, minimal gestures grow into ecstatic confrontations, rituals of assimilation and rejection, a parade of ghosts haunting the threshold of visibility.

Siegfried Fruhauf, Austria | 2008 | Hi8 | Color | Sound | 9’50’’

There is a great charm in dealing with how a medium, whose innermost essence is light, tries to bring the night to the screen.

CAERÁN LÓSTREGOS DO CEO (Lightning will fall from the sky)
Adrián Canoura, Spain | 2018 | Hi8 | Color-b/w | Sound | 26’ 30’’

Poems by Rosalía de Castro.
For traditional society, essentially rural, the thunder is one of the worst evils; for that reason, it is attributed to Maligno and it is associated with the demon.

Lena Ditte Nissen, Germany | 2016 | 16mm | Color-b/w | Sound | 15’

THE PLACE I WILL HAVE LEFT was shot around Rio Catatumbo in Venezuela, the area where most lightnings in the world strike down. The film is about the experience and absorption of something non-digestible. Something foreign and other, that does not assimilate, that remains within our selfs as a foreign body and provokes rejection reactions. The short and destructive energy of a lightning is dilated into a state of stasis as an overreaction.

Sylvia Schedelbauer, Germany | 2014 | 16mm | b/w | Sound | 15′

A cascade of images cut frame by frame flow into an allegory of the lunar cycle.

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